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-Ilya Salkind

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The Awe Inspiring Power of Nature

With Ilya Salkind the producer of the Superman franchise at the reins, this film promises both critical and enormous worldwide commercial success to the Company and its financial partners. Definite film franchise for sequels and merchandising. Expedition Illustrator Crash McCreery (Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean).


The winds of the New World.

A 3 Film Epic Saga

FILM 1: THE GODS - Starting 20,000 years before zero A.D. the Gods discuss Mexico and the world's evolution.

Film 2: THE CONQUEST - Cortez lands in the Yucatan Peninsula year 1519. He falls in love with La Malinche a native Aztec translater. This affair becomes one of the greatest treacheries in history. Montezuma, the Aztec Emperor is betrayed by La Malinche and he loses his empire. La Malinche bears Cortez a son, making the child the first mixed Spanish/Indian Mexican... and the conquest of Mexico begins.

Film 3: THE INDEPENDENCE OF MEXICO the epic story of President Juarez battling the French invaders and striking its first victory on Cinco De Mayo at Puebla de Los Angeles in 1862 where a band of armed Mexicans defeated the seemingly invincible French Army. A relatively unknown fact is that U.S. President Lincoln took an active part arming and financing Juarez in the war Mexico fought against the French invaders which eventually led to Mexico's Independence with Juarez helping Lincoln to win the civil war.



Based on 2 novels by Jules Verne.

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