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Scott Michael Bosco, Director Of New Media and Communications


Director Of New Media and Communications

Mr. Bosco has been an ongoing consultant through the years for various film releases in the home video market where he has dealt with the evolving nature of the various formats through the years. Acting as a "Special Product Consultant" he has over seen the gathering of bonus materials comprised of film elements, excised footage, publicity materials, interviews, photo/image editor for packaging as well as liner notes. He has acted as host for two audio commentaries (both Salkind Productions), and on his own for a release for A&E Entertainment (which his acting as the consultant for the entire I.T.C. Ent. Catalog for 7 years for A&E).

Scott Michael Bosco has covered the Home Entertainment Industry as a Free-lance writer for over 25 years with his articles, reviews and interviews in various publications. While still in High School his first published work would later be his first annotation as a source of reference in the B.F.I. (British Film Institute) Modern Classic Edition Retrospective book on THE EXORCIST. Mr. Bosco is also a listed as a source of reference in "LOST ILLUSIONS: AMERICAN CINEMA IN THE SHADOW OF WATERGATE" for one of his historical cinema pieces.

Through the years he has contributed for Laser and DVD releases for WARNER HOME VIDEO, 20TH CENTURY-FOX HOME VIDEO, WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO, ANCHOR BAY ENTERTAINMENT, I.T.C. PRODUCTIONS, NEW VIDEO, A&E HOME VIDEO. Consultant for the home video releases for the series SPACE: 1999 (Beta, VHS, Laser, DVD) since 1983. Published in FANGORIA, FILMS IN REVIEW (Theatrical Reviews), LASERVIEWS, MONSTER SCENES, PALMER VIDEO MAGAZINE, VIDEO BUSINESS, HOME THEATER, VIDEO TIMES MAGAZINE, and has been Interviewed by THE N.Y. TIMES and The Hollywood Reporter.

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